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Neom: Saudi Arabia's Mega-Project Paving the Way for Prosperity in Africa.

In the heart of Saudi Arabia's visionary Neom project lies a golden opportunity for prosperity across the African region. Neom, aptly named for its commitment to a "new future," is set to revolutionise urban development, becoming a beacon for sustainable growth and economic empowerment. Strategically located on the Red Sea coast, Neom is a vital link between the Middle East and Africa. This geographic advantage positions Neom as a catalyst for economic collaboration, creating a gateway for trade, investment, and shared prosperity.

Neom sits strategically at the meeting point of three continents, 40% of the world is reachable in six hours by plane from NEOM. In the upcoming years, the project's mobility strategy will see air travel evolve inside the organization, advancing its mission to influence the future of air mobility through state-of-the-art technology. To date, there has been a logistics joint venture established by NEOM and DSV to offer a comprehensive range of ground, sea, and air logistics services. Neom's Bay Airport is already offering regular flights to international destinations to provide effective access to the area for locals and business associates, as well as significantly enhancing the ability to communicate with individuals worldwide.

A USD 200 million joint venture deal has been inked between Neom Tech and Digital Holding Company and OneWeb. The pact intends to provide Saudi Arabia, Neom, the wider Middle East, and the neighbouring East African nations with high-speed satellite communication.

OneWeb low Earth orbit

OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation will be deployed as part of the agreement, enabling the Saudi city's cognitive technology ecosystem by delivering a fast and dependable connection. Additionally, it will revolutionize local companies and rural communities by providing access to fibre-like internet, which was previously unthinkable.

As the Neom story unfolds, businesses and investors in Africa have a unique chance to join forces with Saudi Arabia. This collaborative potential can uplift economies, drive technological advancements, and enhance the quality of life for millions. Neom is not just a city rising from the desert; it is a symbol of hope, progress, and prosperity.

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