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Africa Union Aviation takes every step to ensure that our aircrafts are immaculately clean and COVID-19-Free.


Management and Aircrew members are subject to compliance with the Department of Health and various National Authority initiatives to keep up to date with epidemiological indicators and to assess risk levels within our operations.

Africa Union Aviation aligns with the guidance and advice as laid out in a recent Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO 20009) issued by the FAA. Thus, ensuring that pointers such as health monitoring; self and protection of others; mitigating factors to crew exposure and following a well thought out Response Plan are prioritised. Additionally, Aircraft Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures are critical, and adopt further precautionary measures as explained in EASA COVID-19 Pandemic principles of Aircraft Cleaning.

1. Africa Union Aviation ensures that each aircraft is cleaned and disinfected:

·    Routine operating procedures for cleaning each aircraft (all areas) including the Flight Crew Compartment by properly trained staff. This disinfection comes with the guarantee of a long – lasting effect, between treatments, and other tasks such as disposing of and managing solid waste whilst wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is performed routinely.


2. Enhanced preventative deep-cleaning procedures using specialized approved disinfectants:​

When warranted, in case of an occurrence (exposure to COVID-19) enhanced/ deep cleaning will be conducted for the following items within the V.I.P Cabin and Aft Cabin and common areas such as Aisles and Lavatories: 

·    Cleaning of porous (soft) surfaces (i.e., cloth seats, cloth seat belts) at the seats of all the passenger(s)

within the aircraft.

·    Cleaning of porous (soft) surfaces (i.e., seat covers and carpets) using a combination of approved products as required by aerospace.

·    For items that can be laundered, use of the warm setting and dry items completely on high heat.

·    Cleaning of non-porous (hard) surfaces (i.e., leather or vinyl seats) at the seat of the passenger(s) and within six feet passenger(s) in all directions including: armrests, plastic and metal parts of the seats and seat backs, tray tables, seat belt latches, light and air controls, cabin crew call button, adjacent walls, corridor storage compartments, windows, and window shades, as well as individual video monitors.

·    Cleaning of non-porous (hard) surfaces with EPA-approved products and or Bacoban, one of the chemicals used in the interior cleaning of our aircrafts which possess excellent kill-rates to the emerging viral pathogens, and these products in use within our aircrafts are expected to be effective against the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Specific data sheets are available for products used in the alcohol-free dry disinfectant method that’s compatible with our aircraft surfaces and components.

·    All products are to be used according to label instructions (i.e., concentration, application method and contact time,) PPE used and discarded in accordance with protocol.

·    Cleaning of lavatories used by passenger(s) including: door handle, locking device, toilet seat, faucet, washbasin, adjacent walls, and the counter.

·    Proper disposal of any items that cannot be cleaned.


3. Cleaning and Disinfection of aircraft in flight:

  • Preventative as well as in flight disinfection is conducted in the Galley and Cabin areas. Due to the nature of food being prepared and served in these areas, both surface areas/ equipment along with tables are wiped with sanitiser intermittently.

  • Other frequently touched surfaces as found in lavatories, door handles, latches and interphones are cleaned with approved disinfectants/ sanitisers. 


4.  Health and Safety of Passengers & Crew

Africa Union Aviation ensures the safety of crew members by:


  • Raising awareness and aligning with the legislation in place to protect air crew’s health and safety in the workplace. Discussing and advising the importance of having the COVID-19 vaccine/ s and using a face mask on board.

  • Providing guidelines on risk assessment, and appropriate measures such as minimising exposure, resuming work, after quarantine, etc.

  • Ensuring that much needed COVID-19 Transmission Prevention Equipment is available/ re-ordered on all operating aircrafts.

UPK – Universal Protection Kit: 2 per aircraft, fully stocked with all the recommended & approved precautionary products.

·    Africa Union Aviation has undergone various trainings to implement and manage the daily operational requirements & procedures that mitigate the quality assurance that Crew are safe and free of the coronavirus before, during, and after reporting for duty, and that the PIC as well as the AMM take all precautions in keeping their aircraft sanitised and safe before and after each flight.

·    Africa Union Aviation members, clients and their guests are all subject to screening before arrival at the airport, thus taking the necessary precautions to avoid crew members and business aviation personnel having the risk of exposure to a passenger that may be a carrier of coronavirus.

·    Africa Union Aviation operational staff and management, include the essential aspects of prevention such as the use of face coverings; respiratory and hand hygiene; as well as cleaning and disinfection of equipment and workspaces in common use, as part of the Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) of the business.

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