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Africa Union Holdings is a strong advocate of the Business Aviation industry, as the value and efficacy of private air travel in. Thus the entrance of Africa Union Holdings into the Aviation Industry was simply a natural progression.

The opportunity became urgently apparent when the COVID-19 global pandemic forced commercial air travel to come to a virtual standstill in 2020. The visionary Chairman of Africa Union Holdings understood that organisations that are nimble enough to seize opportunities and forge their own path will flourish and prosper, while others that are unable to change tack and adapt will struggle when the world is faced with the difficulties it endured in the year 2020. This was among the opportunities the chaos of COVID-19 presented to Africa Union Holdings.

Africa Union Aviation was born out of this vision. The Aviation Industry is generally an adamant industry, there is hardly ever a middle ground to it and this meant that establishing an Aviation Company would require Africa Union Holdings proven tenacity in establishing innovative businesses in traditional industries.


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Our mission is to be among the best Aviation companies in the world and  ensuring safety as a priority for our clients and employees.

Our Vision is to bring evolving innovative service offerings in the Aviation Industry.

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  • Service

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Client Oriented

  • Solution Oriented

  • Highest Standard of Delivery

  • Making a Difference

  • Accountability

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